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The Ivory Crescent residential investment specialists team offer expertise in every aspect of residential property investment, specialising in the disposal, acquisition and valuation of multiple units, from as few as single apartments up to nationwide portfolios.
Our professional residential property investment services are aimed at private investors, developers, family offices and funds. Investing in residential property?
please get in touch with Ivory Crescent today.

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Land & Development

Our dedicated team of specialists have a well-established track record in gaining our clients more than the market value for land / development projects and new developments in London.

We offer the following key areas of expertise:
• Landowner support: we advise land and property owners on the development potential of their asset, we can help you every step of the way through the planning minefield and provide advice on what size and type of development you are likely to achieve. Working with our third party planning and design team we can help you to visualise the concept, assess the costs to build and value the end asset.
• Land disposal: we are expert in advising on the value of land and development opportunities, once we have assessed the current value and the development value we advise on the route to market.
• Land acquisition: our expert teams are aware of most land and development sites that are either on the market fully or are being marketed “off market” low key. If you are looking to invest or develop in these types of projects we can help you source suitable opportunities, assess their future value and ultimately help you to acquire them.
To gain maximum value from residential or commercial developments, you need a partner who not only has the knowledge but also the infrastructure and resources to support the entire lifecycle of a deal. Investing in Land development? Please get in touch with Ivory Crescent today.

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Family Offices

At Ivory Crescent we are committed to your success. Wherever you are, we bring together the right people, ideas and opportunities to achieve your ambitions. With the global strengths and skills of our extensive network behind us, we provide a worldwide service. It’s a highly focused and collaborative approach that draws on a wide range of advisors and specialist services. At the heart of this relationship is a dedicated account manager, who will work closely and creatively with you to protect and build your wealth.
As your life changes, so do your ambitions. Thanks to the power of collaboration, we bring you the best thinking to create customised solutions to build on your achievements, secure your legacy and help your business and family to flourish.

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We identify, invest in and add value to our investor portfolio in areas with strong long-term prospects. We seek out the best real estate opportunities and work together with some of the industry’s most respected development companies to create high-quality properties and maximise the value of your assets. We take a long-term approach and make well-considered decisions, acting quickly to secure the best opportunities.

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Global Cities

We explore the latest movements within the most established prime markets around the world tracking capital and rental values, examine yields and the impact of currency. We define the prime market as properties in the top 5% of the market by price. All our cities have a big global pull on business and visitors, and most rank highly on the numerous global measures. Their key qualification is an active and growing prime property market, which attracts international investors and occupants.

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