Responsible Business


At Ivory Crescent, we’re committed to being a responsible business. Our Building Foundations programme provides a charter for all Ivory Crescent offices to work by. Our efforts as an employer in, and contributor to, the global real estate industry are guided by the following three areas:


At Ivory Crescent, we promise to promote a safe and secure environment that values diversity, promotes equal opportunities and encourages teamwork at every level. We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees’ health and welfare are looked after and that they’re involved in the issues affecting the direction of the business.
We also support our employees with a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities, which should help them grow and maximise their contribution to the firm. Such contributions will be recognised by the business, with both individual and collective contributions rewarded.


We strive to be a responsible business and one that supports the local communities it sits within all over the world. We support a selection of charities by giving to them every year, in relationships that last for at least five years.
All our employees are given volunteering days a year and we support them and our clients through financial donations for voluntary activities, such as internal fundraising and sporting events held between departments and other businesses.


As a responsible business, Ivory Crescent is committed to conserving energy, paper and other resources, while reducing waste, and controlling our impact on the environment through more sustainable office operations.
Conscious of the global impact from discarded plastics; the firm is committed to removing single-use plastics, reducing our reliance on plastic products, and positively influencing the personal choices of our employees.
We also keep up-to-date with all the relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and monitor our progress so that we can produce a regular status report for internal review by the management. This way we can build towards our commitment to becoming a greener, more holistic business.